Includes 750 orders

(~1,050 tasks)

$0.31/addt'l order



Includes 1,750 orders

(~2,450 tasks)

$0.28/addt'l order



Includes 3,750 orders

(~5,250 tasks)

$0.24/addt'l order



Includes 11,000 orders

(~15,400 tasks)

$0.20/addt'l order

What is an order & what is a task?

An order is defined as a pickup AND a drop off.  A task is a pickup OR a dropoff.

*For larger plans & bulk pricing, please contact us at

All plans include:

Operations Features

  • Approve or ban custom areas, zip codes & specific addresses.

  • Analytics dashboard

  • Full service integration & implementation

  • Unlimited access to order history & digital manifests

  • Comprehensive customer support 


Proof of Delivery Features

  • Automated Metrc delivery manifests

  • State approved digital manifests (state dependent)

  • Video capture

  • Multi-photo and multi-signature capture


Batching & Routing Features

  • Route Optimization

  • Visual Dispatch/Batch Optimization

  • Aggregates total cash value of all orders in a route

  • Aggregates total THC weight of all orders in a route




Fleet Management & Communication Features

  • Track vehicle speed (mph)

  • Track waiting time

  • Voice/Text chat

  • Text-based notifications (ex Order on the way)

  • Customizable troubleshooting

  • Predictive ETA notifications


Driver App Features

  • Customizable driver checklist 

  • Unlimited customizable stop action workflow

  • Driver proximity checks

  • Predictive ETA


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