Delivery Software Customized For Every Regulatory Environment

Efficient, state-specific workflows for cannabis operations with automated, optimized routing and comprehensive reporting.

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Compliant Efficient Delivery Logistics

  • Cannveya allows you to enforce a process that meets the compliance requirements for your jurisdiction.

  • Compliance-focused logistics solution with custom workflows specifically tailored to the cannabis industry, limiting your exposure to regulatory penalties.

  • Easily integrates with Metrc & best-in-class cannabis solutions to automate manual processes, minimizing human error.

  • Seamless delivery from order to delivery.

  • Easy to use for drivers and dispatchers.

Customer Satisfaction

Simplify the lives of cannabis operators with compliance-focused technology.

We are your tech partner here to help you understand your compliance requirements, automate processes and implement custom Integrations to keep your license safe and your operations efficient.

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Integration Partners

Cannveya strives to seamlessly integrate with our tech partners.

Our integrations provide our customers with more automation, such as:

  • Support dynamic, hub and spoke or hybrid delivery models.

  • Generate Metrc manifest programmatically- saving our clients hours of time and money and eliminating human error

  • Cash drawer- we can close out a cash drawer

  • Can assign order to appropriate cash drawers

  • Look up shift id to assign to proper cash drawer

  • Pull proper customer contact info into Cannveya

  • Waits to push back to Cannveya. Can cancel and complete a job in Cannveya to avoid double entry.

Integrations with Treez, Blaze, Cova, MJ Freeway, Weave, ezGreen, SilverLeaf, Roshi, Leaflink, Biotrack, Metrc, WooCommerce, Jane, Dutchie

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For an in-depth look at all our software has to offer please schedule an appointment for our team to walk you through Cannveya

Want to learn how Cannveya can help your business grow? Contact our sales team to discuss solutions that fit your needs.

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