Customized Delivery Software For 

Every Regulatory Environment

Efficient, state-specific workflows for cannabis operations
with automated, optimized routing and comprehensive reporting.


Compliant Delivery Logistics

Cannveya allows you to enforce a process that meets the compliance requirements for your jurisdiction.

Compliance-focused logistics solution with custom workflows specifically tailored to the cannabis industry, limiting your exposure to regulatory penalties.

Easily integrates with Metrc & best-in-class cannabis solutions to automate manual processes, minimizing human error.


Reliable & Flexible

Our field-tested software brings solutions to a wide range of clients, from dispensaries & distributors to growers & processors.

Industry Experts

Our cannabis industry experts are dedicated to helping clients understand and comply with state and local regulatory requirements.

Feature Rich

Cannveya is the most feature rich logistics solution specifically designed with cannabis compliance in mind.

Industry Pain Points

Cannabis operators face tremendous obstacles on a daily basis...

Complex, Rapidly-Changing
Regulatory Environments


Compliance breakdowns expose cannabis operators to harsh fines or loss of license

Lack Of Standardization Across
Cannabis Software Vendors


Many cannabis operators do not have a fully integrated tech stack leading to manual processes & inefficient workflows. 


Our Mission

Simplify the lives of cannabis operators
with compliant-focused technology.

We are your tech partner here to help you understand your compliance requirements, automate processes and implement custom Integrations to keep your license safe and secure.


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