Cannabis Delivery in the Age of Corona

Washing your hands, social-distancing and getting everything delivered...including cannabis, could be the best way to stay healthy and high.

More and more states are opening up the opportunity for dispensaries and consumers to reap the benefits of cannabis delivery. With a few clicks of a mouse or the swipe of a finger on a mobile device, cannabis products can be at the consumer’s door, often on the same day.

Stop&Shop’s PeaPod home delivery service has surged by over 33% in response to coronavirus anxiety. Why shouldn’t cannabis customers benefit from the same type of service?

Dispensaries where delivery is available can better serve their customers, protect their staff and community and increase revenue by offering this type of service.

Delivery offers more than just convenience to customers. It eliminates the need to go into bustling retail environments and reduces contact with germs. Online ordering also gives dispensaries the opportunity to introduce shoppers to new products that they never considered while perusing the shelves. The photos and descriptions online go far beyond packaging content and don't require shoppers to pick up a product that has been touched by who knows how many other people.

Lifestyles are temporarily changing during the pandemic and having access to cannabis, whether medical or recreational can provide peace of mind. Dispensaries have an opportunity to help their communities and grow their business by offering delivery, not to mention it will make staying at home a lot more relaxing for customers.

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